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Residential Care & Assisted Living

Every day our facilities operate with the support of highly qualified and specially trained nursing and professional staff who strive to ensure each of our residents continues to reach their highest level of functioning, in their "Physical, Emotional and Social well being" with the skill and gentle care we provide.

Welcome to Schaffer Residences

Schaffer Residences provides high quality residential care and assisted living at three British Columbia locations:

Schaffer Residence at Oakside - Salmon Arm
Schaffer Residence at The Hart - Prince George
Schaffer Residence at Wildwood - Quesnel

We understand that the transition to assisted living or residential care comes with considerable change. From the uniquely beautiful sites we have chosen for our residences, to the warm and caring attitude of our staff, we strive to make this transition a positive one for residents and their families.

The relatively smaller size of our facilities ensures optimal care and attention is available to each resident and that the highest standards of cleanliness and safety are maintained. Residents enjoy private rooms with ensuites and delicious meals prepared with individual preferences in mind. All our residences are designed with bright, spacious visiting and recreation areas and easy access to outdoor walkways, patios and gardens. Family members and friends are encouraged to enjoy meals with residents and participate in residents’ activities.

The common goal at Schaffer Residences is what everyone wishes for a loved one: to provide an environment that is truly home for each resident, respectful of their individual needs, interests and abilities, with the highest level of professional care.

At Schaffer, We Believe Each Resident Has the Right to:

  • Be valued for his or her uniqueness and capabilities
  • Independence, personally and functionally
  • Respectful and courteous treatment
  • Privacy and space; the right to have their personal property respected and protected
  • Choices and decision-making ability in the activities of daily living
  • Confidentiality of personal information
  • A safe, protected environment
  • The highest level of professional care

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